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Programs : Brochure

This page is the brochure for your selected program. You can view the provided information for this program on this page and click on the available buttons for additional options.
Program Description:
 Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Hung Hom, Hong Kong

Student Population:
Over 28,000 students
Language Pre-requisite:
Primary Instruction Language:
English, Chinese
Important Dates:
Fall Semester (Semester 1): September-December
Spring Semester (Semester 2): January-May


The story of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) can be traced back to the founding of Government Trade School in 1937.  Under many changes after WWII, the school became Hong Kong Technical College in 1947. 1972 was the beginning of The Hong Kong Polytechnic, followed by The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in 1994. Read about PolyU’s milestones on their website.

Why PolyU?  PolyU has a strategic location in Hong Kong, has a strong and vibrant culture, world-class facilities, and strong faculties/schools with well- developed and unique programs. PolyU has outstanding achievements, ranking as a top school in many of the faculties and schools. These achievements allow for a global presence with strong international relations.


Hung Hom is in Hong Kong which is one of the most dynamic cities in the world. 

Hung Hom is on the southeast side of the Kowloon Peninsula. With its unique location and vibrancy, it is ideal for studying and living!  Hong Kong conveniently serves as a gateway to China and the rest of Asia. Visiting China is easy and exploring Asia is very feasible during breaks. The culture is dynamic and has strong heritage that one can experience when exploring the international and upbeat lifestyle. Transportation is made easy and compact so getting around is fairly simple. Bilingual signage and well-developed networks help non-citizens get around easily. MTR (Mass Transit Railway), a tunnel built under water, trams, ferries, buses and more are possible means of transportation. Hong Kong also prides itself with low crime rates, being considered one of the safest cities in the world.

Although Hong Kong has more than 7 million people that call it home, Hung Hom stays relatively small, making it less flustering. Hong Kong has a humid subtropical climate – hot, humid summers and mild winters. Find out more about Hong Kong!


Course Catalog

PolyU has 6 Faculties and 2 Schools (what K-State calls Colleges) with multiple Departments falling beneath. Information and brief descriptions of these faculties and departments can be found here.

Although most of the subjects offered are taught in English, some China-related subjects, subjects in the Department of Chinese and Bilingual Studies, and the Department of Applied Social Sciences may be taught in Chinese and be difficult for non-Cantonese/Chinese speakers.

PolyU offers a credit-bearing summer program on Chinese Language and Culture created just for international students.  This program runs through July and has tours and trips integrated in the schedule.  This combination of theory and experience is great for someone interested in learning Chinese culture and language!

See the exchange booklet for more information on PolyU.

Academic Calendar:
  • Fall Semester (Semester 1): Application deadline: April 15
    • Orientation Week: early September
    • Classes begin: mid- September
    • Classes end: mid- December
    • Exams: mid-December
  • Spring Semester (Semester 2): Application deadline: October 15hk
    • Orientation Week: early January
    • Classes begin: mid- January
    • Classes end: end of April
    • Exams: end of April to early May
  • Summer Semester
    • Orientation Week: mid- May
    • Classes begin: end of June
    • Classes end: mid-July
    • Exams: mid- to end of July
  • Summer Program (Chinese Language and Culture)
See more details on PolyU’s academic calendar.


Students must meet the requirements of Education Abroad.

Education Abroad advisors will help you to work through the application and nomination process for studying at PolyU.



hkHong Kong Polytechnic University guarantees placement in university residence halls if you so choose to live there. 

The Hung Hom Halls, PolyU’s residence halls, contain a grand dining hall, a fitness room, a band room, piano practice rooms, activity rooms, a landscaped garden and a 25-meter swimming pool. All student rooms are equipped with IP phones, LAN ports, air-conditioners & furniture and designed for double or triple occupancy, with bathroom and shower facilities shared by 4 to 5 students.

These 22-story residence halls are within a 15 minute walk from campus via a covered footbridge.
Check out the Hall Hand Book for valuable information and see pictures of The Hung Hom Halls activities!

PolyU does not have a meal plan available for students but is located in the city center, making it easy to try restaurants or cafes off campus.  There are dining facilities on campus and at the Hall, but meals are purchased separately each time. To learn more check out this video


For more estimated costs, please see the Budget Sheets at the top of this brochure. For financial aid and scholarship information, see K-State’s funding page.


The International Affairs Office serves as a great place for students to adjust to HK culture.  They help with settling up, getting involved with campus life, and so much

Students staying longer than 180 days will need to apply for a Hong Kong Identity Card from the Immigration Department within 30 days of arrival.  Most students will be in HK less than 180 days, but those who are there for longer need an HKID card.

For more information regarding pre-arrival, see the Student Exchange Handbook.

See what other students have said about studying at PolyU!

The International Affairs Office can help you get involved with student organizations and other activities around HK!

Hong Kong law requires official personal identification to be carried at all times.  Fines/deportation can result from failure to comply.  Passports and temporary ID cards will be considered as personal identification.

Students may not work in Hong Kong as exchange students.  Find out more with PolyU FAQs.

Here is a list of KSU students who have previously studied abroad at this university. Feel free to contact these students if you have any questions specifically about this program.
  • Brian Brungardt- Spring '18 -Economics-
  • Mathew Walburn - Fall 2017 - Mechanical & Nuclear Engineering -